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Report | 2024

De-Risking Lending for a Brisk EV Uptake

A Practical Guide on Key De-Risking Measures for Electric Two- and Three-Wheelers in India

By Niti Aayog, SIDBI and RMI
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India’s electric mobility sector is witnessing swift expansion, surpassing 1.5 million units in sales in 2023, primarily driven by the electric two-wheelers segment. Despite achieving cost competitiveness with internal combustion engine counterparts over their lifecycle, commercially used electric two- and three-wheelers continue to face challenges stemming from higher initial expenses and limited access to financing.

Our report, De-Risking Lending for a Brisk EV Uptake, outlines six prioritized de-risking measures that can create tangible value for financiers by effectively mitigating risks associated with lending to electric two- and three-wheelers.

The de-risking measures introduced in the report aid in reducing expected losses and make lending for electric vehicle borrowers more affordable.  The report serves as a practical guide for financiers to incorporate best practices and strengthen their EV lending portfolios and offers actionable measures for original equipment manufacturers, insurers, fleet operators, recyclers, refurbishers, and secondary sales platforms to enhance financiers' confidence in the EV market.

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