RMI's Legacy Society

Make your generosity a part of the clean energy future.

Addressing climate change will be the defining global issue of this century, which requires both long-term vision and funding. A planned gift is a lasting investment in RMI’s critical work, ensuring we can continue to drive the clean energy transition, as we have done for more than 40 years.

Our Legacy Society is a community of dedicated supporters who have included RMI in their estate plans. When it comes to defining your legacy with RMI, you have many options, including:

  • Bequests
  • Retirement plan assets
  • Life insurance
  • Real estate
  • Donor-advised funds
  • Charitable remainder trust or lead trust
  • Financial accounts

Your financial and estate planning professionals can suggest ways your assets can benefit you, your family, and RMI.

Please reach out to Margaret Salamon at msalamon@rmi.org or +1 (202) 464-6680 to learn more about planned giving or if you have already included RMI in your estate plans.

If you wish to name RMI in your will or estate plan, please use the following:

RMI (Rocky Mountain Institute)
22830 Two Rivers Road, Basalt, CO 81621
Tax identification number: 74-2244146

Inform us of your legacy gift

What will be your legacy? When your grandchildren ask what you did to meet humanity’s supreme energy challenge, how will you answer?

‐Amory B. Lovins, RMI Cofounder and Chief Scientist

Reflections from Our Legacy Society Donors

“We get so much back in joy and sense of mission to be able to support RMI, even after we’re no longer alive. You can’t do what you’re doing without us. And we can’t do what we’re doing without you. It’s a community.” — Marge Wurgel and Keith Mesecher, Legacy Donors since 2004
“The main reason for choosing RMI above so many others–and the main thing that makes RMI stand out–is the global scale on which they are contributing. There’s a lack of opposition that I feel RMI has in its views between renewable, environmental, and progressive ideals on the one hand, and business ideals on the other. I feel RMI looks at those two worlds not in terms of how they are opposed, but how they can support each other.”– Meredith McIntosh, Legacy donor since 2012
“My connection with RMI goes back to the 1970s. At that point, Amory Lovins was among the first to raise awareness, at a national and international level, that there was not an eternity of fossil fuels, and that it made economic sense to move toward a sustainable energy program. His whole approach is thinking beyond the box. Something he said always stuck with me: You can start an avalanche by moving the right rocks.”– John Harter, Legacy donor since 2007
“For decades, RMI has worked with the diverse interests of different stakeholder communities to find common ground and create win-win solutions that leave everyone better off. As a Legacy donor, I feel I can do my very small part in ensuring that RMI has a solid and predictable foundation to support its long-term goals and strategies.”– Chuck Sieloff, Legacy donor since 2012
“My association with RMI started with hearing Amory during those years. He’s impressed me with his insight and tenacity, and also with the fact that he’s worked around government to foster private partnerships, and even make change with corporations people don’t much care for. I think we shouldn’t write off any potential partnership as long as it moves us toward the goal line.”– Mark Schaffer, Legacy donor since 2007
“It’s important for us to support the key institutions in the world. People say, ‘Think global, act local.’ In my striving for that, I find RMI right in the middle of that outward path. They are a vehicle for my impact to be global.”– Liza Loop, Legacy donor since 2012