With the first brand new 2D Mario game in over 11 years just weeks away from jumping onto Switch, Super Mario Bros. Wonder has us in a daze.

We went hands-on with the game at a special event earlier this week — and we'll bring you some more impressions on the game in the near future. But for now, we've got around eight minutes of gameplay from the upcoming platformer.

We got to try out a number of different levels, and we're showing off snippets of a few of them in today's video, along with demonstrating a couple of the new powerups, the Elephant and the Drill There's also a brand new minigame — a "break time" — where you can earn Wonder Seeds. And of course, we got to try out the Wonder Flower, Super Mario Bros. Wonder's zany-new item where you can "expect the unexpected".

If you're excited about the game, then this gameplay is well worth checking out — they're all early-ish levels, and we play with a number of different characters and test out some multiplayer antics with the adorable little Yoshi.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder launches on 20th October. Are you looking forward to playing this next month? Let us know!