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@Tasuki Our group is basically on hiatus as well. A little of it has to do with my schedule for the next while since it's haunted house season - I act, help out with advertising, and builds/takedowns when my normal schedule allows and the chore pile isn't high - which mostly leaves us with Sundays. We also don't technically have a solid place to play right now since the married couple who usually host us are mid-move. Their last day in their current apartment is this Saturday. I would not blame your group at all for starting a new campaign, but it wouldn't hurt to see what everyone else thinks first.

I'm very glad more of your D&D stuff survived your fire than you thought. I vaguely recall you posting in the forums when that happened.

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@Tyranexx there are rules for it, but they are considered optional. Each class has a minimum ability score that has to be met to multi class into it. My character could have gone Fighter, Thief or Wizard with his ability scores.

Mechanics-wise you get a limited selection of starting proficiencies and skills. And you get the HP and abilities of the class. If they are casters your total caster level gets calculated to figure out spell slots, but you are still limited to you class(es) max spell level for learning.

So as an Artificer 7/Wizard 1 my spell level will be 3.5 (rounded down) + 1. So I will have some level three slots but no level three spells (can upcast though). I will gain three cantrips and six level one wizards spells, arcane recovery (1 level), ritual casting from the spell book.

My plan is leaning towards an order of scribes Wizard. I will infuse a ruby of the war mage to let me use my infused glaive as a focus. That would net me a larger pool of spells slots. Plus one feature of order of scribes is swapping damage types with another spell of the level. Turning an Ice Spike into a Force or Fire Spike has some potential in my book. Overall it will be a 3-4 level dip so I will get 2 extra spell slot levels over a straight artificer at the cost of level 5 artificer spells.

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