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@EaglyBird Ok so I’m good to continue till another major event happens? Got it! (I’m chapter fifteen btw, which you probably know and the quest isn’t timed, I’m just being sure lol) thank you! I can’t wait to see how this ends!

Oh that little teleport thingy right? I never tried any of the challenges so I didn’t even know they had gear. I’m probably not gonna nab em as I’m really only interested in 2’s endgame so I can nab all the blades. But I will keep it in mind just in case.

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They just added "Detective Pikachu" stuff to that icon-creating thingamabob on Nintendo Switch Online.


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@Snatcher yeah it will lock you out of some quests but trust me they aren’t worth doing so carry on

They do have some fun costumes though


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Kermit1 wrote:

@BobTheBunkerGuy @EllaTheQueen6 @Princess_Lilly @EaglyBird @Snatcher I have a tale to tell. Get the popcorn.
Some time ago (like a few weeks ago kinda forgot when) there was a weird smell in the basement where I sleep, the smell went on for a few days, and when trying to figure out what it was I decided to open the storage room (where the freezer is) and see if the smell from coming from in there... I have not smelled anything that bad in my life, so it turns out that the freezer went and all the stuff in there (meat, pizza, pie crust) all went rotten.

Is it a bad thing I inhaled rotten meat juice smell for like 4 1/2 days




Oopsy kitty, I forgot to get new scented stuff for my apartment.


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