Sonic Superstars
Image: SEGA

Frame rates aren't necessarily everything in a game, but can be quite important if gameplay relies on quick reactions from the player.

With this in mind, Sonic Superstars development producer and character designer Naoto Oshima recently confirmed the game would run at 60FPS, "even on the Nintendo Switch". Here's what he had to say, according to a translation by Noisy Pixel:

"Oshima: Thanks to everyone who has supported Sonic, I am once again able to be involved in development. [Sonic Superstars] will be released on all kinds of platforms, so please try it out, and you will be able to play at a smooth 60 FPS, even on Nintendo Switch. I hope old fans will be nostalgic for the characters, and newcomers will be able to experience Sonic’s speed."

Considering how fast the Sonic series can be, this is great to hear. It does have us wondering about the game's multiplayer though. With four-player local and up to eight players online, it will be interesting to see how it holds up.

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