Pikmin 4 Bulborb
Image: Nintendo

We are used to seeing the range of sweet merchandise that launches as a Japan exclusive, and today's reveal is yet another item to add to the pile of things we are desperately in love with but will probably never have the chance to buy. It's a wind-up Bulborb.

Look, is this the most life-changing piece of Pikmin merchandise out there? No (that title probably goes to those weird Pikmin vases), but is it kind of adorable all the same? Absolutely. We wish we had a better way to tee it up than to just point you to the following reveal from the official Japanese Nintendo Store Twitter account, but we don't. The way that you gradually understand the true size of this product is simply *chef's kiss* true cinema.

He's just a little guy, and we love him for that. Based on the above post, there is no indication of when this wind-up wonder will be waddling his way into Japanese Nintendo Stores, nor how much it will cost (surely it can't be too expensive, right?) but it does, sadly, appear to be a Japan-exclusive for the time being.

If you'll excuse us, we've got to dig out our passports and book a flight to go and pick up a small wind-up toy...

What do you make of this sweet little guy? Let us know in the comments.

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