Following in the footsteps of Atlus, Koei Tecmo has shared the Japanese streaming and content creation guidelines for the action-RPG Fate/Samurai Remnant, due out later this week on Switch.

It doesn't want fans spoiling the experience for others when streaming, uploading videos or posting about the game. This applies to not only content creators but also the general public. Here's the full rundown, courtesy of Siliconera:

"Fate/Samurai Remnant: when posting content related to a Servant’s true name or any event scene that gets to the heart of the story, please include a “spoiler alert” in both the thumbnail and title. This goes especially for the following:"

- After the start of the final chapter.
- Quests and events that occur for the first time in the second and subsequent playthroughs of the game.

While there's no mention of any serious penalities, anyone who breaches these guidelines could potentially be in Koei Tecmo's naughty books for some time. You can learn more about this upcoming release in our previous coverage here on Nintendo Life. There's also a physical "Treasure Box" version of the game available to purchase.

What are your thoughts about the above streaming and content creation guidelines? Comment below.

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