Hatch Tales Release Date Reveal
Image: Atooi

A whopping six years on from its successful Kickstarter campaign, developer Atooi has announced a release date for Hatch Tales: it's finally coming on 28th March 2024.

The cute platformer — an enhanced HD port of 3DS title Chicken Wiggle and formerly known Chicken Wiggle Workshop — was successfully crowdfunded back in early 2018, surpassing its $30,000 goal with a total of $35,634 from 1,553 backers.

With an initial estimated delivery of December 2018 and sporadic updates via the campaign page, discontent amongst Kickstarter backers has led to significant criticism over communication from the Austin, TX-based studio throughout development.

Despite its prolonged incubation time — described as an "adventurous development journey" in Atooi's press release — it seems Hatch Tales is finally preparing to emerge on the sixth anniversary of the initial Kickstarter campaign.

A post to backers of the project informed them of the news earlier today. Here's some text from the press release:

Hatch Tales Release Date Reveal
Image: Atooi

Hatch Tales – formerly known as Chicken Wiggle Workshop – has had an adventurous development journey since its successful Kickstarter campaign in March, 2018. On the sixth anniversary of the campaign, the wait will finally be over.

Hatch Tales is a stylish 2D platformer with climbing mechanics featuring Hatch, a flightless hawk mountaineer, who uses his trusty grappling hook to climb up mountains, stun enemies, and zip across chasms!

We are planning a special Atooi media event that will be announced in the future, where viewers will be taken on a deep dive into the egg-citing features of Hatch Tales. Follow us to stay up to date with announcements.

A 2020 trailer for the game

For backers, this one has been a very long time coming and some may be understandably sceptical at this date announcement until the game is sitting on their Switch and they can see how it compares to the initial vision outlined in the campaign.

We're in the process of speaking to Atooi founder Jools Watsham about this game's long gestation (among other things) for an upcoming interview, so keep an eye out for that in the coming days.

Are you a Hatch Tales backer? Did you think this one had been scrambled? Let us know your thoughts below.