It's already been mentioned how EA Sports FC 24 is "running great" on the Nintendo Switch, and now we've got a confirmation of the game's performance and resolution on the hybrid platform.

EA Sports confirmed with IGN that the Switch version will run at 30fps. While the FIFA games have "always run at 60fps across platforms, including Switch", this new entry on Nintendo's platform is now running on the Frostbite Engine and is considered a new starting point for the series.

Here's exactly what FC 24 line producer Doru Logigan had to say about this:

“Getting to this point of having Frostbite running on Switch I think is already a huge achievement for the team and we were really excited to get our players’ feedback and reactions"

As for the game's resolution, players can expect the game to run at 720p in handheld mode and 1080p in docked.

Logigan went on to mention how it will be "full parity" - meaning Switch players will be offered the same level of live service support as other platforms. Patches should also be easier to deliver - offering the usual bug fixes, QoL improvements, Ultimate Team updates, and more throughout the season.

As for whether or not FC 24 will show up on a future Nintendo system, Logigan couldn't say:

"In terms of how we look ahead for the next versions of the game, I cannot say unfortunately. I cannot speak to that, but in terms of FC 24 itself, it's going to benefit from the same live service post-launch as the other platforms."

Will you be checking out EA Sports FC 24 when it launches on Switch later this week? Tell us below.